Legal Stuff

Images on this site are the exclusive property of Poker.Photos and Chris Wallace. Unauthorized use is prohibited and aggressively litigated. My wife is a lawyer. You would be wise to go steal pics somewhere else. 

Can I Use Your Pics?

I’m actually pretty cool about that. If the picture is of you, then absolutely, just let me know which one you like and I’ll send you a high-res file you can use however you like. Thanks for letting me take your photo.

If the picture is not of you but you like it, or want to use it for a website or an article, contact me at and I’m sure we can work something out.  

Can you remove my photo from this site?

Probably. I don’t have to do it legally, but I’m not a jerk. If there is a photo of you that you really dislike, or would like removed for some other reason (witness protection?), I’ll probably just pull it down for you. 

Who we share your data with

Nobody at all. In fact, I don’t even collect your data.