chris ‘Fox’ Wallace

I’m a professional poker player who is making the transition to content generation. I have been writing for most of my life and got serious about photography five years ago. I have written two books on poker strategy and made countless videos for poker training sites. I have written regular columns for Bluff Magazine, Poker Pro Magazine,, Deal Magazine, and a number of poker training websites. 

My photos have been published by a host of media outlets and I have sold a number of prints to private collectors as well. My photos of everything from street art to surfers to animals and flowers hang in my own home as well as those of friends and family. I photograph everything from weddings to metal bands and enjoy every bit of it. 

When I’m not at the poker tables, I do some work for and am available for freelancing gigs. I also coach poker, and enjoy watching my students progress into successful pros. I love hiking and taking photos of wildlife with my wife Jordan, watching live bands, and writing fiction. 

You can find more of my non-poker photography on my portfolio site or in the gallery below. Click on an image to see it in a larger size. 


Mountain Bluebird in Red Rock Canyon
I met this mountain bluebird on Mt. Charleston just thirty miles north of Las Vegas. He was a charming fellow who let me get within fifteen feet of him and posed very nicely for his photo. (Image Credit: Me)